About Duchenne

What is Duchenne?

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a rare, genetic disease that causes progressive muscle damage and weakness. Duchenne primarily affects males, with 1 in 3500 to 5000 boys born worldwide with Duchenne. In very rare cases, it can also affect females.

Sometimes shortened to DMD or Duchenne, this rare condition is caused by a genetic mutation that prevents the body from producing a vital protein called dystrophin. Without dystrophin, muscles become more damaged and weakened over time. Gradually children with Duchenne will develop problems walking and breathing. The heart and the muscles that help them breathe will eventually be affected as well. Duchenne is a degenerative, irreversible and progressive disease. While there have been many advancements in the management of Duchenne, there is no cure right now.

To donate towards a cure, please consider donating to CureDuchenne.com or Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy.

To learn more about what Duchenne is, read here.

Our Duchenne Warriors

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