Mama Bear

I’ve always considered myself to be a protective mother. From the moment I had kids I understood why “Mama Bears” had the reputation they did. However, I was also soft. I was quiet and afraid to speak up for myself. I was naïve and way too trusting that others would automatically have my kid’s best interests in mind. Even after […]

Diagnosis Day

We all remember that day. Sometimes the very thought of it can bring us to our knees in agony. Other days it simply acts as the line of demarcation, dividing our old life from our new one. Diagnosis Day is a day we never forget because what follows is a completely different way of life. Among the Duchenne community, this day is referred to as D-Day. Most of us have the date etched in our minds like a scar we cannot erase.

Diagnosed with Duchenne

I remember the day I became a mother like it was yesterday. I remember vividly how it felt to hold my precious newborn for the first time. I remember the tiny fingers and tiny toes. I can almost smell that heavenly newborn skin aroma when I think about it. Oh, how I love that smell.